Everyone else is doing it.
srry also any other ask blogs in general

Ah! Well, I dunno if I’ll answer this one here, cause I’d prefer to stay on Silver topic…

If you’d like other ask blog recommendations, I’d ask for them at my personal blog Modhedgermins instead. <:3 Cause trust me I have quite a few!

I don’t mind mentioning that have an OC ask Blog though~

what do you think of some of the silver ask blogs and what do you like about them hopeforanewfuture is pretty cool and interesting :)

Pssh. Pfffffch. Hope for a New Future?? More like DOPE for a POO Future if you know what I mean. What a dUMB blog. Such a silly idea and art. Pfft. Who would read THAT silly ask blog that doesn’t even UPDATE that much. and what kind of a name is Hedgie???? What kind of a name is THAT???

What a dumb, silly ide-





Pffha—haha—- how did THAT get there?? Th-That doesn’t mean anything it’s just a placeholder for I mean just I daskfgh

Anyway, XD Now that that joke’s out of the way, I shall answer your question.

I really like a lot of the Silver Ask blogs out there! :D I try to keep up on pretty much all of them out there. X3

Some I highly recommend ( other than my own pff ) and why would be,

Ask the Absolution Dreamer: Has a VERY cutie patootie art style, Has a lot of frequent updates, keeps Silver in character very well and the blog itself just has a very fun atmosphere! :D

Ask the Temporal Duo: Hasn’t updated in a little bit, but that shouldn’t discourage you!!! Also a very cute art style, and has a little hint of Silvaze there, but ( As of right now ) it’s definitely far from being the center of attention. It’s currently in the middle of a big over arching story about Silver and his past. It’s very mysterious and I really can’t wait to find out what happens next, and you should too!

Plus reading the past posts is a lot of fun. X3 They’re very cute, and you can just tell from reading it that the owner of the blog probably had a lot of fun with it!

Ask King Silver: Is actually the only other completely AU Silver blog that I know about right now that’s still active! ( We AU Silvers have to stick together y’know! :O ) In this blog, He’s a bit older in this than normal, and he also has robotic parts because of something sad that happened to him in his past. :C

He’s very happy now though, with his lovely wife Blaze and 3 children, Persia, Seafoam, and Ignition! :D The thing that got me really invested into the blog in the first place though, is the fact that pretty much every update is ANIMATED!!! I haven’t seen that anywhere else at all and I can’t even begin to imagine all the effort that gets put into it!! The art and blog itself is very cute, and the animation gets better with every post. :)

Those are just a few of the ones I like ( Cause I like pretty much all of them X3 ) but there are a lot more out there and I suggest checking them ALL out cause they’re all great! These are just the ones that stick out in my mind the most when I think about Silver ask blogs~

And then one more I’d like to give quick attention to is Ask Fat Silver, a blog based off of those fake Sonic Boom rumors that also spawned Hawaiian Shadow.

It stopped updating a long time ago ( which is SERIOUSLY A TRAGEDY LIKE WHY ) but even the posts that are there now are still just so hilarious the art is incredibly expressive and like seriously just go look at it it’s so great—-



Wow that took a lot longer than it should have hahaha.

So I was kinda bored and I remembered that I’ve been wanting to talk about this for awhile, so I finally wrote down my thoughts and theories and feel like posting it in case some of you are interested.

It’s kind of a long read, I know. But I put some tl;drs in there so it shouldn’t be too bad! :O

Silver’s existence is a very strange subject but I’m just glad he exists at all. <333

Again this is all stuff from the game, so anything outside of the games doesn’t pertain to this. plus they’re kind of different stories entirely?? soo…

If you have a question about this or would maybe like to add to this, please do! I’ve actually seriously been really wanting to talk about this for a long time and think it would be a great thing to discuss.

Enjoy my ramblings!

Hey everyone! This has been going around again, so I figured I’d reblog it again for your convenience. Here you go! :)

If you’d like to chat with me about this, go right ahead! I totally won’t mind. :D

Hey everybody! I’ve got a little announcement to make!

Today is my good friend awkwardshardphoto’s blogiversary today! He’s taking a couple of asks for the occasion, and he may even do a few audio posts!

As I’ve said many a time, this blog really wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for him so you should all go over and give him a congrats!

Hello Modhedgermins! I listened to one of your audio posts from yesterday, and well, as I listened, I felt happy bc your voice sounds as if, you know, you were talking to people from outside the blog instead of an audio post, and just saying, ur voice is awesome! (I hope Silver got the cake that I sent yesterday, hope he liked it bc it WAS yours and Silver's blog anniversary too, wanted to show my appreication for an awesome blog and its mod and ask-person!) *.* Again, have a nice day!

Hello friend!! Yes we both got your cake and I can assure you Silver was VERY happy!! Thank you so much for all the nice things said here it just made me smile SO BIG when I saw this in my inbox you sweetie nice person you~

I hope you have a nice day, night, whatever wherever you are at too!!!


Am I kicked out the fandom yet?



Am I kicked out the fandom yet?


Waaah sorry about the question stuff ;w;

I tried doing Silver’s but I just kept getting interrupted and stuff and doing his voice for so long really hurt my throat so I couldn’t do it anymore sasfg

So I don’t think I’ll be able to answer the questions with voices anymore ;3;

Unless I do the ones just for me but yeah for all the ones meant for Silver I’m sorry I can’t do them with my voice—-

I’ll still answer all of them though! But it’ll just be through text rather than an audio post…

Again, sorry for the inconvenience! <:3




Oh my gosh…


Y…you guys…




Was on TV!!!

IN A TV!!!





Could this be a hint to a Silver the Hedgehog game in the future?!?


I don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of pressure!!!


B-But, heh! That doesn’t matter now!

This hedgehog is hitting the big times!!!

When Silver was a big TV star

Have you got the concept art where he has the yellow chest fur and the freaky looking eyes? I can find that one I think.


What was that about my eyes? Coming from the anon who won’t show off their own?

(( Yes, Yes I do. :3 ))

That short time where Venice was part of the blog.

you fear Mephiles the dark?


i…uh…..i…don’t know…

The name sounds so…familiar for some reason but..

It took me so long to get this gif to work.