Everyone else is doing it.
Silver, do you like blaze? As more than a friend??

More than a friend? What do you mean? Like, a sister maybe?
If so then no, we’re actually more like acquaintances than friends.

I just don’t know her well enough to really see her like that.

Hey Silver, have you ever heard of the game "I.M. Meen"? The cutscenes are pretty funny, as is the song at the start.

Hm. No, I’m not familiar with it.

Oh, Silver, have you considered being a model?  Because you would be an awesome model!

Y’know, I can’t say I have!
I may or may not seriously consider that now…

Oh, Silver, have you considered being a model?  Because you would be an awesome model!

Y’know, I can’t say I have!

I may or may not seriously consider that now…

Silver, if you were a vampire, what do you think you'd look like?

I’d think I’d look pretty much the same as I do now!

But y’know, I’d have a little more of

That going on.

Maybe some wings too! Or a cape. Whatever’s trending with vampires these days.

Where does that power of yours' coming from? ~Phoenix Wright

It’s all from the mind, buddy.

All from the mind.


Sonic Rivals 2 costumes for the eight characters. 

Sonic cheeta costume reminds me of the outfit he wears in the Japanese manga. Knuckles looks absolutely weird in his Eggman costume, while Silver looks pretty cool in his Christmas costume. The first Rouge costume reminds me of her spy costume in Sonic X anime. I dig Metal Sonic’s Jester costume. Very bright and makes him seem like a candy robot. 

How often do you get migraines or headaches?

Not too often I would think!

The only times I get headaches are when I push my powers over their limits, and maybe if I accidentally cause a paradox (Which barely happens I swear!), and then y’know, if I hit my head or get sick or whatever like anyone else!

But I’m thinking you’re more just wondering about the headaches that only apply to me and my powers. I used to get them more often when I was younger, but after I gained better control over my powers and stuff, they didn’t show up as much!

When they do show up however, I’ve got plenty of aspirin to take care of it. Thank goodness.

Do you watch 'End of the World' Movies?

Mmm, no. Not really. They honestly make me kind of uncomfortable. I just don’t really see the enjoyment of those kinds of flicks. I mean, keeping the world FROM ending is kind of my job. The fact that this era just uses it as a setting to make things “Dark and Edgy” just, doesn’t really fly with me.

There was this one time though where me and a couple of the guys were hanging out, and they invited me to come along with them to one of those movies…What was it called? Um…Huh. Sorry I don’t remember the name but, oh my gosh, it was soooo dumb.

So many of the ways the characters in the movie were “surviving” would NEVER work like that in real life, and I just couldn’t help but laugh at it. The guys got kind of mad at me, cause I was kind of ruining the movie for them but I mean, come on! There was one guy who just drank right out of a stream, near a bunch of radiation. He didn’t even boil the water first! So dumb.

But yeah, not really my kind of movie genre. Sorry!

Hi Silver! Do you get M!As often? If not, I want to do a recap of that funny thing with the sugar....hehe(( no seriously Modhedgermins I want to see that again made me laugh so hard my god when I saw the thing....haha we must do it again but I have to find it again. I will put it on the next ask))

(( Hello there anon! Mod here! I’m glad the whole sugar thing made you laugh, it makes me laugh often too. X3

However, I’m afraid I don’t take magic anons, as this isn’t actually an ask blog! I just take asks for fun and as side content since there’s not too much official Silver stuff out there. Sorry!

I know a blog that does take magic anons though~… ))

I truly admire your blog. Your content is nice to see, and I love how each response to your Asks are so personal. I love seeing them, and I hope you keep it up! Also, just curious, what Sonic-related picture do you find the most funny?

(( aaAAAWWWFHDHGKH thank you so much my friend! <;w;> I’m glad you enjoy it so much! I try my best to make this a safe and fun environment~

Responding to asks it a lot of fun, so I’ll be sure to do my best to keep at it!

As for a funny Sonic related picture,

This one. This one’s hilarious. ))